Solar Energy


Innovative Technologies

 Helping to Luminate Africa.

About Us

Tahka Group B.V is a Dutch registered company that is located in the Netherlands. The company consists of various business initiatives that have been integrated on the sole purpose to combat environmental degradation and climate change through the use of renewable energy and innovative technologies. 

Our Mission & Vision

With the utilization of these renewable and innovative technologies, Tahka Group B.V will be able to accomplish its corporate mission of luminating the African continent. Moreover, the company’s vision is to become one of the largest, by market share, solar  energy providers in eastern and so Africa. 


In addition, we see ourselves ultimately playing a big role in making Sub- Saharan countries entirely solar powered run by meeting the energy deficiencies they are currently facing. We are taking a few like-minds with a shared vision—and running towards this goal. 

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Our Vision

The company's vision is to become one of the largest, by market share, solar energy providers in eastern and southern Africa. 

Our Partners

Because of our well scrutinized business strategy, reliability of our team, and focus on innovation, we've the privilege of partnering with a host of fantastic and well-established solar energy companies as well as very promising technology, innovation and service entrepreneurs.
Together we have 45+ years of combined team experience  & 100MW+ of solar project experience.

Our Services

Consulting, energy market research, solar energy distribution, energy supply innovation and technical services.

Representation & Distribution.

Our goal is to identify markets and investment opportunities in Africa for Kinetic Power Plants, Solar Energy, other Innovative Technologies and manufacturing  companies in EU, America and Asia. We also connect government institutions and  private businesses and  in Africa with suitable products and services. 
How do we do it? Through our extensive business development and technology expertise, razor-sharp focus, and innovative support options.

Forthcoming Projects

In our next endeavour we aim at delivering 200 MW of solar power to governments, mining and telecommunications companies in Africa. We would like to help Sub-Sahara Africa meet ever increasing energy demands. In doing so we, aim to work together with our partners and investors to venture into grid tied, off grid or hybrid solar energy projects that will bring cheaper electricity to the natives of Sub- Sahara Africa.